I am just not a quick thinker. I blame genetics and my kids.

Community is what it is all about. That is my answer, it was just a very delayed answer.

When my new friend Luna Leverett asked me about resources for a mom on her podcast…my mind left me hanging…not a good thing in the midst of an interview.

However, Luna is awesome and said she would share a link to my blog where I could state my case for community. Thank you Luna for interviewing me and for a great example of what community looks like! Be sure to subscribe to her podcast: Confessions Behind the Minivan. Please listen to my first podcast ever! (Doing a happy dance here!)  Luna and I talk about how there’s no guilt in pursuing what fulfills you while you pursue the 24/7 role of motherhood.

The short answer is this: Community provides sanity, accountability, and friendship for a mom.

A mom needs those three things to thrive. I mean she really does. Sanity is kind of a necessary thing. Accountability allows us to challenge each other to grow and friendship makes being a mom less of a solitary thing.

I could not be where I am today without moms who get me. There are moms who have let me in on their crazy and that normalizes my own crazy. I am not actually losing my mind it is just that being a mom is super hard. Sane is a good place to be and we can find that in community.

Accountability between friends is awesome. We can be all that we are meant to be and we can help each other achieve that. Go ahead and ask tough questions and be willing to process the messy with each other. Community is a safe place to grow.

Friendship equals joys doubled and sorrows shared. Mom friends that are friends of my heart allow me to be myself. If I need to laugh, they laugh with me. If I need to cry, they cry with me. If I need to vent, they listen. Community means I have a place to be real. No filters needed. Isn’t that a relief!

Do you have community? Are you actively pursuing community? Motherhood is hard. (Anyone disagree with that statement?) Hard cannot be accomplished alone. It just makes it all harder. So make your mom community a priority! Stay sane, stay accountable and love and be loved.