It happens every minute.

It looks like a flower blooming

and sounds like a bird’s melody.

It tastes like dark chocolate and

feels like fireworks.

It passes your home,

running down the sidewalk.

The air is resplendent with it as the new bakery

preps to open down the street.

Heart’s beat with it at the gym.

Your neighbor’s house resides with

it as she teaches her children each day.

It is in each word that I compose.

School campuses, art studios,

therapist’s offices, and cancer centers

are full t o  t h e  b r i m with it.

It is bravery.

When you see it, call it out!

Say to a stranger, “I see your bravery!”

Because, why not?

Bravery swells when it gets to mingle

with other bravery.

Bravery encourages bravery.

When you see it – say so.

Don’t dismiss it or downplay it.

And please don’t attack someone

for being brave. Please.

Though bravery is out there, it takes

a lot to hold hands with it and allow

it to take you to new places.

Don’t tear someone down for

pursuing brave, instead

appreciate the blooming flower.

When you hear the melody in your

community sing along.

And if need be, be the one

to write the song.

When the taste of it is

on your tongue, allow it

to make you crave more.

And if someone needs to be

reminded of the sweetness

of brave, share a bit of

your brave with them.

When you see fireworks shooting

off allow it to light a fire under you.

Recognizing bravery in others

calls out your own brave.

At least it can.

Other’s art, books, songs,

ideas, ironman competitions,

hospitality, or creativity

does not have to call your

own work into question.

Instead, allow it to fuel

your bravery,

your dreams,

your ambitions.

Bravery begets bravery.

Be the reason someone

steps out with brave.


*Photo credit: Jennifer Botzet