Hello and welcome to readers who are visiting because of reading ‘Seek the Sun’ in Hello, Darling!  I am so glad you stopped by!  I am honored to be in the Spring edition of Hello Darling, the MOPS magazine!

It feels good to have reached the goal of being published.  Now I need a new goal.  I am not someone who is highly motivated, it just doesn’t come natural to me.  Some days, between self-doubt and low motivation, I am impressed I get off the couch.  Some days life is hard with little ones running through the house.  There’s always a reason to not pursue that which I’ve been created for: the dishes need put away, the kids want to do a craft, the yogurt that has dried on the table and requires a chisel for removal, should really be taken care of, and the list goes on and on.  (I am having to force myself to sit at the computer right now.)  Let me share with you what I have realized.  I share it because I hope that you can grasp it sooner than I did.

Who I am and what my life looks like, is up to me.  I don’t mean that God isn’t in charge, He is.  What I am saying is that if I don’t get off the couch, if I continue to let tasks rule my life, if I continue to say, “I’ll use that gift when the kids are older,” then I am not giving God much to work with.  He wants me now.  He wants my gifts and talents now.  He wants to meet me where I am and lead me to a full life of wholeness.  He doesn’t want just my mothering or just my role as wife, he wants to scoop up my fragmented life and put me back together.  He has a purpose for me, all of me.

What does it look like to pursue a whole life?  It requires I protect my time and energy by having goals that guide how I use my free time.  This is possible even in the years when parenting is so intense.  God can and will hone my talents and skills in the midst of mothering.  He will give me opportunities to use my gifts if I will devote time to develop the talents he has given me.  God wants wholeness for us no matter what our age or circumstances.

What stage of life are you in?  In this stage, right now, God wants you to be all that you can be.  In my life, God used MOPS to develop my skill set.  He used my husband and children to develop my confidence.  God works among laundry, errands, fatigue, kids, disagreements with a spouse and dreams on hold.  He meets you where you are to reveal you who you are meant to be.  It’s up to you to live on purpose, with dreams and goals.  It is not selfish to pursue a dream.  A whole life honors the one who created you and encourages others to choose a life of wholeness.