“Women like to make sacrifices in one big piece,

to give God something grand,

but we can’t.

Our lives are a mosaic of little things,

like putting a rose in a vase on the table.”

-Ingrid Trobisch

This is a good reminder.  Not that we can’t do big things.  Some of us will.  Even if we do big things, we must still be faithful to the little things.  Imagine a huge mural painted over many years with just a few brushstrokes a day, that’s what we do.  Our many, many, small contributions add up to create a gorgeous masterpiece.  Breakfast date with hubby, celebrating National Pancake Day with pancakes for dinner, leaving the kitchen a mess because it’s time to read books on the couch and then a tickle fight ensues  – brushstrokes.  Playing tennis because your family likes it, volunteering in the community, getting groceries, playing basketball at the park – brushstrokes.  Calling mom to chat, flying to see your sister, writing a note to dad, inviting friends over for dinner – brushstrokes.  Going out for ice cream to chat with your teenager, giving your daughter a manicure, watching your husband’s favorite TV show with him – brushstrokes.

I am thankful the little things matter.

What brushstrokes will you paint today?