This blog will be about sharing what I see and feel.  Writing is the way I capture what is capturing me.  It is a tool that encourages growth.  It’s a way of pulling back the excess to get to what really matters.

I am not a superstar when it comes to being vulnerable, but putting words on paper changes that a bit.  For some reason, writing opens places in me that are often closed.  Light pushes through the cracks and forces darkness to flee.  Fresh air ushers out the stagnant.  Joy is found in the mundane.  Peace reigns in the midst of chaos.  What a miracle it would be if my simple words, encouraged light, growth, joy and peace to gain a foothold in someone else’s life.  I write because what moves me must be savored and treasured.  My heart and mind won’t rest until these growing moments, joyful moments and questioning moments are out of me and onto the screen.

I write to grasp the moments, the big and small, and turn them into kindling to fuel this journey of becoming…

… who I am meant to be.

… a woman of purpose.

… a mom who chooses joy.

… a wife who chooses to let go.

… a person who fixes her eyes on what is eternal.

Thanks for reading.