I am writing a series of posts on motherhood this week. Come back each day for a new post.

Much love to all the mamas out there!


I hugged her for an extended moment.

Trying to express my heart with my arms.

Asked how she was and

how her son was doing with the recent change in their home.

She had just given back a sweet boy whom she loved for

five months in her home.

He was abruptly returned to his

mom and grandma by the judge’s order.

Her response?

To pray over him.

To love him well by sending him home with

all he needed for the next few weeks

formula, clothes, diapers and books.

She loved him well when she told his mom that she believed in her.

Little M was her baby boy for 150 days.

She didn’t hold back from this little bundle of joy.

She loved him wholeheartedly.

And because she did,

people in her community

loved little M, too.

I’ve always thought she was amazing.

Single mom to her adopted son and then

mom to her foster son for 5 months –

plus a few respite care opportunities.

She is amazing.

But tonight?

My awe has doubled.

She loved




with the hope

that she would send him home.

Which means she gave her everything

to someone she knew she would

have to let go of.

But she would tell you she’s definitely not

on the losing side of this.


This is motherhood.


 Searching For Kindling:

How does this encourage or challenge you in your mothering?