Unity: Is it what you think it is?

Unity: Is it what you think it is?


These two intertwined,

reading as one.

Their leaves betray their unity.

One with golden yellow and

one with verdant green.

There are two trees here but it is hard to see

where one begins and one ends.

The yellow leaves make the green leaves more vibrant and

the green leaves make the yellow leaves more vibrant.

Juxtaposed against each other their colors are sharper, stronger.

I appreciate them more individually because they are so close together.

Their leaves betray their unity…

Or rather, do they speak to it?

Unity doesn’t imply sameness.

What is the point if we are the same?

These trees are both reaching for the sky, growing strong,

cleaning the air and drawing nourishment from the soil they are planted in.

They are each doing what they are supposed to do but

they are each doing it in their own way.

These two are unique, with innate differences that can’t be ignored, but

together they are better.

Together, they display who they truly are better than they could apart.

Together, they put on quite a show.

This isn’t how you and I always pursue unity.

Sometimes we forget we are about the same thing

and decide that our way of doing things is better…

when really our end goals are the same.

We try to out-do, come up with a better argument

to help the other know who is the strongest.

There’s no winning in this, and no one feels appreciated, capable or strong.

Its an entirely different kind of show –

and not one that reflects well on the one who made us.

May we pursue unity the same way as the trees –

content to do what we are each meant to do

in a way that lends more vibrancy to the one we stand next to.






Today I am over at Nanette Kirch’s blog for her book, Denial: Abuse, Addiction, and a Life Derailed. Hop over here to read the post and check out her book!

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Here’s a short post that correlates to the post on Nanette’s blog.



It’s not my story.

However, she is my mom.

Her story is interwoven into mine.

Her story caused her to make certain choices as she mothered my sisters and I.

Her story impacted the way she loved and the way she protected us.

Her story includes chapters on wounds and mistrust,

and to this day there’s still healing taking place.

She protected my innocence when I was young,

but now I hold her hand as she walks towards wholeness.

Her pursuit of healing is also part of her story –

her story doesn’t end with the hurt,

and so her journey towards wholeness is also a part of mine.

Part of her healing process is now being able to share about

the chapters that include abuse.

She shares to heal and to help others heal.

Her story is now a part of other’s stories.

Their healing.

Their journey towards wholeness.

She holds their hands for a moment;

helps them begin a new chapter.

Her story

is my story

is their story

is our story.