Pieces of her

Pieces of her

She found a piece of herself

under the couch last month. 

It was dusty and covered in Cheerio crumbs

but it definitely belonged to her.

It was hard to tell 

but she thinks it might be her sense of adventure.

Last week she opened a box in the attic 

and was shocked to find 

her drive for justice in the box

with her high school yearbooks.

She sets the found pieces

in a box, next to her jewelry. 

She doesn’t think about them again

until she finds a paintbrush

buried in the junk drawer in the bathroom.

Her heart trips over itself

at the sight of a long-lost love.

She used to be known as

the artist. 

It joins the other pieces on her dresser.

The next day, during a long afternoon at work 

she re-discovers her ambition via 

an email search. 

She found it in an email about a business idea

from when she first graduated college.

It is still a good idea. 

She creates a folder titled:

Business Idea

and moves the email there so she 

can come back to it.

That evening

as she puts the girls’ clothes away

she squeals when she finds 

one of her favorite toys 

from when she was a girl.

She realizes then, that its been

a long time since she

felt joy that 

relishes the simple things. 

She carries the little toy 

to join the rest of the pieces of her. 

When she looks up

from her jewelry tray 

she catches her reflection

in the mirror and 


All this time she thought she was

a whole person,

pursuing all that she is meant to,

but now that she’s discovered

misplaced pieces of her,

she takes stock. 

Is anything else missing?

How do I incorporate these

pieces of me back into my life,

where they rightfully belong?

Without them, 

I am not wholly me.

Her heart quickens, 

beats to redeem

lost time. 

She calls for the girls as she grabs 

her paintbrush and

runs to the playroom.

For now,

any paint will do.

She has to paint right this minute.

To put the pieces back together.

To be whole. 

To be all that she is meant to be. 



I am not a robot.

I am not a robot.

There are days when I 

check off all the boxes.

If you saw me in action 

you might say, 

“Get out of her way!

She’s got a list!”

On these days I am a 



There are days that I 

am a Professional


There are days that 

if I could get paid to daydream

I would make bank. 

There are days that 

nothing is accomplished

because I just can’t 

do one more thing.

There are days that I 

think I could tackle

anything I put my mind to

and days when I wonder

if I am capable of good things. 

There are days when I try 

something new, 

like a treetop ropes course

and other days when I 

fall into old patterns that 

keep me stuck. 

All of this is me. 

I am not more me 

on my tackle-it-all days

versus my Facebook pro days.

The essence of who I am 

is on display when I daydream

and when I seek out 

something new. 

There’s a range to who I am.






with a singular setting. 

I am fully myself

when I give space

for all that I am.



Purpose does not belong on a shelf.

Purpose does not belong on a shelf.

It’s always been there –

on the shelf –

hiding in the dark.

It’s never seen the sky

or felt the tension

on the other end of the string

as it rose

through the sky.

The kite has sat,

still in plastic,

the pricetag faded.

Here’s the truth.

I’m scared to fly it.

Afraid I will

make a mistake

and break it.

Afraid I will ask it

to do more than it can

and then we will

crash and burn

and look silly.

And so the vibrant colors

stay hidden in the closet.

The kite on the shelf

is full of purpose

but no one really

knows it is there.

It’s not meant to





And neither am I.

And neither are you.











We are meant to fly,

we are supposed to

be boisterous with our

purpose, passion, and possibilities.

We are to be color and joy

and we are to feel the tension

as we let the wind drive us

where we are supposed to go

while we are held,

tethered to the one

who created us to fly.

Storms will come.

We are tethered.

Questions will pelt us.

We are tethered.

The sun will shine.

We are tethered.

Mistakes will happen.

We are tethered.

Go ahead.

Chase the wind.

Chase your purpose.

It’s what you are made for.




Is your kite on a shelf, friend?

If you are facing storms…be encouraged, you are tethered. You’re in good hands.

This space I occupy.

This space I occupy.

In honor of Rachel Held Evans. She will continue to lead through her words. For more info, click here and here.



Tune your ears to what is

true, noble, right, pure,

lovely, admirable, excellent, praiseworthy.

Fill your heart

with wisdom

that is not your own.


Sit and be quiet

and allow truth to

seep into the very

core of who you are.


Let the words come

up and out from

a heart turned to the light.


Take up your space.

Say what no one else is

saying because no one

else is saying it.

Say it because the truth

that is in your blood

can’t be contained.


Take others with you.

Make a way for them

and help them get to

where they are supposed to be.

Go back to listen.

Just keep starting over.






Its what each of us is meant for.



What do you need to lean into to learn more about?

What do you need to speak up about?

Who are you advocating for?

A turning from.

A turning from.

Here’s what we forget – 

what I forget – 

sometimes Permission Granted

is a turning from

versus a turning towards.

Sometimes it means

we have to own something, 

and dig in and grow.

Sometimes Permission Granted is

turning away from 

what you’ve always 


and turning towards

what’s always actually been true. 

Sometimes it’s admitting




Often, Permission Granted

isn’t a warm fuzzy feeling. 

I know. 

It is my favorite thing, too.

Permission Granted can

take us to hard places,

challenging moments and

often requires an honest 

evaluation of who we are

in comparison to 

who we are made to be. 

This is the genesis of growth.

And it’s not always fun.

However, it is always necessary

if we want to be all 

that we are made to be.

Why does this matter?

Our world depends on it. 

The world you and I 

live in is created 

by who we are –

by what we do. 

Don’t run from 

Permission Granted.

Don’t avoid hard, challenging

issues or conversations

because they aren’t

warm and fuzzy.

How do you tell your kids, 

the child down the street 

who is hungry every day, 

or the sweet baby at church with

mocha-colored skin

that you are

unable to effect change

because there aren’t warm fuzzies

each step of the way?

We can do hard things. 



What do you need to turn from, friend?

What do you need to learn more about so that you can know what is actually true?

A daily invitation

A daily invitation

Be who you are,

right where you are.


Just be me.

Its so much harder

then it seems it should be –

or than people

make it out to be.

No one else can be me,


but there is work required

for me, to be me.

I have to excavate

out from under the

expectations that have

been heaped on top of me,

I have to pursue truth

and disempower lies.

I have to give grace,

and at the same time,

challenge what

I’ve always believed.

And then,

I have to take

steps forward into

my purpose,


and passion.

I must embrace my quirks,

eradicate misguided habits,

and pursue the essence

of who I am.

Who I’ve always been.

This takes work,

daily work,

and years of work.

Be who you are,

right where you are

is not something we

fall into,

it’s not a simple accomplishment.

Instead, I believe it is

a daily invitation

to pursue what we

are made for.


What are some ways that you can pursue knowing yourself better?

  • Get to know the heart of God – he made you!
  • Take a personality quiz like Clifton Strengths.
  • Ask some friends about what they see in you.
  • Sit in who you are. What do you love? What would you like to make better?