Hi, I’m Bethany.
And I’m glad you’re here.

If we had a chance to sit down to coffee

there’s a few things I would probably say to you. 

And they are the same things I say to myself most every day…

Who you are right now and where you are right now is perhaps 

right where you are supposed to be.

You might be nowhere near where you thought you would be

at this point in your life. 

You might feel like you are stuck.

You may be waiting for an invitation to pursue what’s next for you.

You might be waiting for permission to 

step into the space you’ve been given,

 to use the voice you’ve been given. 

What I would say next (to both of us) is that

Permission has been granted.

Pursue the life-giving passion that is in your heart. 

(That’s why it’s in your heart.) 

So start here.

Start now. 

Let’s journey together pursuing 

life-giving passion, 

take up the space we’ve been given –

with no apologies

Permission, granted.


Journeying with you, 


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This Month’s Permission slip


Below are two of my most popular topics. I can develop topics based around your specific event needs.

Be Who God Made You To Be

I enjoy sharing about my journey as a mother. I believe that as moms, our first job is to pursue God and all that he has for us. The way for me to be the best mom I can be is to pursue all that God has for me. Parenting is hard and it is even harder if we don’t take the time to understand who we are and pursue the passions and gifts that have been given to us.

Here is a brief sample of this talk.

Get Out of Neutral

Are you stuck in neutral? Do you want to change, to grow, but just can’t quite get moving? The truth is we need to pursue forward motion. It’s so easy to get comfortable and just stay where we are even while longing for new or next.

Bethany’s been there and will share how we end up in neutral and then walk us through how to pursue moving forward. Bethany will share that we have all the permission we need to grow, to move, and to pursue who we are made to be. Have you ever thought, “What am I waiting for?” This is for you!

Attendees will leave understanding that permission has been granted to pursue their next best step. It will become clear that often we stand in our own way. Attendees will learn what fuels their drive to get out of neutral and to keep moving forward from where they are, to where they want to be.

Connect with me about Speaking to Your Group

I look foward to hearing from you!

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Truth is louder

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It’s not mine to hold

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Stuck on a tightrope

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Where we come from

Where we come from

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In the pocket

In the pocket

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“Bethany has an eye for the exquisite in everyday life and her unique writing style shows it. It is at once poetry and prose—an imperfect blend of rhythm and reckless abandon of writing rules that works just perfectly. I predict she could be the Ann Voskamp of her millennial generation. I admire her thoughtful words. She always takes me on a little flight to see the extraordinary that she finds in the ordinary.”

~ Chris Moss, speaker and expert on bringing the generations together

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I love speaking to moms with children of all ages. Whether it’s a MOPS meeting, women’s event or retreat, my goal is to help women live out their God-given heart passion no matter what stage of life they are in.